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Morium is the story of three best friends. Teenagers, Lexi, Nathan and Stacy are badly bullied by other students. While Stacy is tough and thick skinned, Lexi and Nathan take the bullying hard and let it ruin their own self image. One day Lexi and Nathan find some glowing rocks that give them certain powers. The temptation to use the powers for revenge is strong.
I can't begin to describe how much I loved this book. The characters were so personable and as a mum, reading about the main characters getting bullied,it just broke my heart. S.J Hermann writes in such a powerful manner, that I couldn't help but get caught up in the story and fall in love with the three main characters. Mr Hermann writes with a rare, flare. His story is intense and powerful yet so easy to read that you just can't put the book down. A definite winner for me and I can't wait for the next one. Hurry I need to know what happens next!!

No Turning Back
Kaia Hart seems to have it all: a career as a successful architect, two perfect children, and a handsome husband, Patrick, but she’s haunted by an accident in her past. On a business call, one day, she’s surprised to find Asher, her once-love, has moved to town and will be working with her. In “No Turning Back,” Kaia faces nightmares from her past and big decisions about her future, as the two worlds seem to collide. Will Kaia give up everything for Asher, or will she find comfort in the arms of Patrick?

Review: I love the way the Author Lauren Greene drags the reader into the book immediately with drama and a great opening paragraph. From that moment the excitement and intrigue never slows down.

I really enjoyed the way the Author mastered the technique of moving from the present to the past and back again. Almost chapter, by chapter. I've seen lot's of Authors attempt this technique with little success. Not this time!! She nailed it. It didn't become boring or confusing but enhanced the story by demonstrating why the main character Kaia was feeling what she was feeling by placing the reader right there and surrounding them with the emotion and circumstances that have led her to where she is and to the decision she must make. Highly recommend this book. It is an absolute page turner and its out tomorrow HOORAY!

Shinoby 7

Enter the feudal world of Shaaku Den... 

A world that used to be peaceful until the uprising of the evil geisha Black Rose and the ruthless warrior Rengoku. Together the two are the Blackthorn Clan and they have turned Shaaku Den into their battlefield, conquering and killing the innocent for their own gain. Blackthorn has instigated destruction and the only ones left to fight back is the surviving Kitsune Clan. 

Follow the adventures of six young individuals who are now soldiers in the legendary Kitsune Clan. Do they have what it takes to be a warrior and fight against Blackthorn? Can they save their world from Black Rose's evil thorns? This is a time of war in Shaaku Den— seen through the eyes of six unlikely youths. Will they overcome the trials of warfare?

Enjoyable and well worth the time and money. The writer is hilarious and has captured the essence of each of the six main characters. They were all lovable and interesting with a diversity rarely seen in a single novel. The book switches between character view points which could easily get confusing if the author wasn't as skilled as she clearly is. The story intertwines and connects through the 6 characters and is an enjoyably read from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to read anything else she writes.

50 Shades of yawn.. I mean grey. (Trilogy) 

Now I know the 50 shades trilogy cops a lot of flack, but i must admit that I didn't mind them. I liked 1 & 2. I found the sex scenes very mundane and too long and involved and honestly if I saw the word nipple I pretty much skipped 10 pages so the sex wouldn't get in the way of the story. Other than that they were somewhat interesting, however, by the time I got to the last one I felt compelled to rush to the bedroom. Not for wild sex but to lay down before I fell asleep from boredom. I tried to get into the story but it was like trying to eat soup with a fork. Totally impossible and even if you somehow manage it, by that time it's not going to be enjoyable. Use your time for something else more enjoyable like..umm.. pretty much anything! I mean, enough about her erect nipples already! 

The curious incident of the dog in the night time.

I hate to say it but this could quite possibly be one of my least favorite books ever. The story is slow and doesn't have much of a plot. It lacks creativity and excitement. If that wasn't bad enough (It was, but I had committed so why not see it through?) The authors decision to write the book through the eyes of a boy with Asperger's syndrome, although commendable and original, it doesn't quite work as the reader is subjected to continual repetitiveness which bored me by the second time. I have heard good things about this Author but after this I doubt I will voluntarily pick up another of his books. Quite frankly I would rather play in traffic. 

Morium: Dark Horizons #2 in the Morium trilogy.

Before I begin I need to confess I am not a science fiction lover. I read the first book being somewhat unaware of the content. I was glad I did. It was well written, the characters were relate-able and grew and changed within the story, the writing was intense and hooked me immediately. What I'm saying is that Mr. Hermann converted me. 

The only tiny downfall of the first book is that the tale seemed a bit familiar although never done as well as SJ Hermann did it. Morium: Dark Horizons (#2 in the trilogy) gave me everything I loved in the first book plus more and was totally original and different. It takes Morium to new heights and it just gets better. 

The second in the series is darker, grittier, more real. The emotions are building and exploding and I was caught up in a whirlwind of tears, cheers and wonder. Nathan is trying hard to control himself to maintain his friendship with Lexie as it's all he's really ever had. Lexie is developing a new calm as she sees there could be a light at the end of the very dark tunnel. 

I know I shouldn't be cheering for Nathan and his attraction to the darkness but I am. I love that kid. I want him to prevail. I don't blame him for wanting to seek revenge on those that tormented him and made his life hell. 

When S.J Hermann writes, he sucks a rainbow of emotions from the reader that you just don't expect, especially with a sci-fi book. I experienced them all, happiness, elation, tears, heartbreak, anger and hope. 

Hats off to you Mr Hermann you've done it again. 

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