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About me

Hi there, I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. I had a great childhood and shared a sense of adventure with my four older brothers. We were a very tight knit group and loved playing cricket in the back yard and getting told off by dad for crushing his flowers.

I went on to have a bunch of children, 6 in total. They are my pride and joy and I have named all my grey hairs after them. I went back to university and became a teacher. I didn't teach for very long. I quickly discovered that teaching wasn't for me. It stifled my personality and I struggled with pretending to be a responsible grown up.

I have had a range of jobs over the years, the last was my own business, baking and icing cakes into elaborate designs. It was fun but still wasn't what I was truly passionate about.

I realised that throughout life I had tried many things, some I failed and some I didn't. If I am going to fail I may as well fail at something I love and live my dream instead of someone else's.

So here I am having a go at writing before my youngest two start school. I'll see how I go. Wish me luck or I will be cleaning toilets in the next couple of years. It's okay I've done it before and I will do it again if I have to. But let me just say the stories you hear about women being cleaner is a total fabrication.

I still live in Adelaide with my husband Rodger who was my childhood sweetheart, we met on the first day of school when we were both five years old. I thought he was a hottie even back then. Five of my six children still live at home and a bunch of animals. (Many would consider all of us a bunch of animals and I probably wouldn't disagree.).

 My first book 'Walk on the Wild Side, the Re-invention of Violet Monte is out soon. I would love it if you checked it out and let me know if I shouldn't have quit my day job. Thanks for stopping by.

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