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Thursday, 26 March 2015

My first book YAY!

I feel like I've been neglecting you all lately. The simple truth is.. I had nothing to say. I have been at home writing and looking after children and moving house. Which, just let me say, was so much worse than I had anticipated. Normal people may have a few old school books they kept from their children's first years.. Me.. I have books from MY first years at school. Anyway moving on.. At last.. I have news!

For all those following my writing journey, it has just had a giant leap forward. My first book is out. Ok well it isn't technically my book. It's an anthology. So myself and 7 other lovely ladies have come together and compiled a book of shorts. They are all based on April Fools Day and pranking people.

Now anyone that knows anything about me knows this is right up my ally. A dear friend of mine used to be my victim every year for years and years. I hope this book doesn't spark her memory and she decides to seek revenge, although lets face it, I would totally deserve it. 

So here it is...

So what do you think? Looks very pretty and girly I think. I have better news. It's FREE!! Okay that isn't great news for me. I am now a poor starving artist after all. But it IS great news for YOU!

If you would like to download it.. here are the links.. I would really, really appreciate it.



Barnes and Noble:

and iBooks of course. 

Not convinced you want to take the time to download yet? Here is my individual story blurb.

                         Suzie Jay- Operation: Tom Foolery.

Maddison Leary can't stand her job. She wishes she could quit but can't afford it. Things start to look up when her usually mean spirited boss Angela asks for her help to organize an April Fools' Day prank to play on her brother Tom. Maddison is relieved to see Angela's fun and playful side until she realizes there are evil intentions behind this prank. Now she is involved and can't see a way out. The last thing she wants to do is to hurt the kind hearted and very handsome Tom Pritchard. Can she save herself and Tom from an April Fools' Day disaster 

Thanks for reading. Next week I will introduce you to the Authors. They are a lovely bunch and I am fortunate to call them friends.

Remember, reviews are like gold to us so if you are kind enough to download our free book and enjoy it (I'm sure you will.) I would be forever grateful for an Amazon review. 

Thanks guys- happy reading. Stay safe until next time... Suzie Jay

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