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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Fools Rush in- Fool Me Once

Hi there friends. Over the next few days I will be continually updating my blog with the individual story synopsis and a picture of the cover of all 8 individual stories in the Anthology, Fools rush in. (I tried to do them all at once but I am technically challenged and couldn't do it so one at a time it is.) Last time I introduced you to Maddison Leary from my story, Operation: Tom Foolery. This time I introduce you to Alexandria Jewitt who features in S.E.Babin's story 'Fool Me Once'

When Alex snags the attention of Beckett Dean, the most popular guy in high school, she knows something is afoot.  After all, she’s nerdy, awkward and her braces can be seen from outer space. Surely Beckett’s interest isn’t romantic.
Beckett is focused on popularity and maintaining his rep as one of the coolest guys in school. When Alex becomes a target for the town’s annual April Fools’ joke, Beckett reluctantly befriends her, only to ultimately ruin the rest of her high school days. Devastated at his behavior, he tries for weeks to apologize. Alex, though, wants nothing to do with him.  
Fast forward several years. Alex is successfully running her own business. She still thinks about Beckett, but in an angry stabby way.  When their paths collide once again, will Beckett’s apologies still fall on deaf ears or will she finally grant him the forgiveness he seeks?

I loved this story and I'm sure you guys will as well. You will cheer for Alex as she goes from awkward to awesome. Sometimes second chances are worth the risk. 

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  1. So happy for you

    1. Thank you Mackenzie. Im always glad of your support xx

    2. Thank you Mackenzie. Im always glad of your support xx