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Monday, 30 March 2015

Who's next?

As you all know I am featuring the 8 Authors and their stories from the 'Fools Rush In' Anthology. 
Here is the next installment.

Laurie Baxter – Who Does He Think He’s Fooling? 

It’s April Fools’ Day at ACME Office Amusements and boss Jessica is encouraging a little friendly pranking. But pals Tom and Amy have other things on their minds after an uncomfortable incident the night before has left things more than a little awkward between them.

Laurie Baxter has degrees in both puppetry and screenwriting because let's face it, majoring in English would have been no more useful and way less fun. She loves chocolate, ice cream, chocolate ice cream, dogs, New York City, old movies, modern architecture, all kinds of theatre, and music from before she was born. Her eighth grade English teacher told her to become a writer, so she did.

So she Isn't just a fantastic writer but one heck of a nice lady as well. I'm sure you will love her story as much as I did, the first time I read it. 

Next we have A lady who is beautiful inside and out. 

Whitney Dineen – Fools In Love
Forty something, Corrine Breslin, is divorced and feeling fabulous for the first time in years! Enter a business trip to Chicago and an accidental run-in with former high school debate partner, Ryan Rosco. April Fool’s Day weaves a magic spell on this couple, insuring a happy ending for all.

While attending the University of Illinois in Chicago, Whitney Dineen was discovered by a local modeling agent and began an unexpected career as a plus-size Ford model. She modeled in New York City before moving to Los Angeles with her husband. During “The Hollywood Years,” Whitney was bitten by the writing bug and started creating characters that are inspired by strong women with a great sense of humor. She is the author of the best-selling romantic comedy, She Sins at Midnight. Her second book, The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan, is due out in May, 2015.  In addition to writing romantic comedies, Whitney has also created a series of adventure books for girls. The first of which, Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory, will be released in the autumn of 2015. Whitney and her husband live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where they raise their children, chickens and organic vegetables

So.. Are you intrigued? Yes, no, maybe? If you want to check it out for yourself, it is now free on Amazon Australia and well as AND iBooks and Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. Phew! The links are below. x

Amazon (America):

Amazon Aust:

Barnes and Noble:



Saturday, 28 March 2015

Fools Rush in- Fool Me Once

Hi there friends. Over the next few days I will be continually updating my blog with the individual story synopsis and a picture of the cover of all 8 individual stories in the Anthology, Fools rush in. (I tried to do them all at once but I am technically challenged and couldn't do it so one at a time it is.) Last time I introduced you to Maddison Leary from my story, Operation: Tom Foolery. This time I introduce you to Alexandria Jewitt who features in S.E.Babin's story 'Fool Me Once'

When Alex snags the attention of Beckett Dean, the most popular guy in high school, she knows something is afoot.  After all, she’s nerdy, awkward and her braces can be seen from outer space. Surely Beckett’s interest isn’t romantic.
Beckett is focused on popularity and maintaining his rep as one of the coolest guys in school. When Alex becomes a target for the town’s annual April Fools’ joke, Beckett reluctantly befriends her, only to ultimately ruin the rest of her high school days. Devastated at his behavior, he tries for weeks to apologize. Alex, though, wants nothing to do with him.  
Fast forward several years. Alex is successfully running her own business. She still thinks about Beckett, but in an angry stabby way.  When their paths collide once again, will Beckett’s apologies still fall on deaf ears or will she finally grant him the forgiveness he seeks?

I loved this story and I'm sure you guys will as well. You will cheer for Alex as she goes from awkward to awesome. Sometimes second chances are worth the risk. 

Available now for FREE on



Barnes and Noble:


Thursday, 26 March 2015

My first book YAY!

I feel like I've been neglecting you all lately. The simple truth is.. I had nothing to say. I have been at home writing and looking after children and moving house. Which, just let me say, was so much worse than I had anticipated. Normal people may have a few old school books they kept from their children's first years.. Me.. I have books from MY first years at school. Anyway moving on.. At last.. I have news!

For all those following my writing journey, it has just had a giant leap forward. My first book is out. Ok well it isn't technically my book. It's an anthology. So myself and 7 other lovely ladies have come together and compiled a book of shorts. They are all based on April Fools Day and pranking people.

Now anyone that knows anything about me knows this is right up my ally. A dear friend of mine used to be my victim every year for years and years. I hope this book doesn't spark her memory and she decides to seek revenge, although lets face it, I would totally deserve it. 

So here it is...

So what do you think? Looks very pretty and girly I think. I have better news. It's FREE!! Okay that isn't great news for me. I am now a poor starving artist after all. But it IS great news for YOU!

If you would like to download it.. here are the links.. I would really, really appreciate it.



Barnes and Noble:

and iBooks of course. 

Not convinced you want to take the time to download yet? Here is my individual story blurb.

                         Suzie Jay- Operation: Tom Foolery.

Maddison Leary can't stand her job. She wishes she could quit but can't afford it. Things start to look up when her usually mean spirited boss Angela asks for her help to organize an April Fools' Day prank to play on her brother Tom. Maddison is relieved to see Angela's fun and playful side until she realizes there are evil intentions behind this prank. Now she is involved and can't see a way out. The last thing she wants to do is to hurt the kind hearted and very handsome Tom Pritchard. Can she save herself and Tom from an April Fools' Day disaster 

Thanks for reading. Next week I will introduce you to the Authors. They are a lovely bunch and I am fortunate to call them friends.

Remember, reviews are like gold to us so if you are kind enough to download our free book and enjoy it (I'm sure you will.) I would be forever grateful for an Amazon review. 

Thanks guys- happy reading. Stay safe until next time... Suzie Jay