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Saturday, 31 January 2015

No turning back release day

I can't believe it's here! Today is all about a fantastic Author, Lauren Greene, it's the release Day for her new book "No Turning Back." 

I'm excited so let me tell you all about it....

Here's a summary:

Kaia Hart seems to have it all: a career as a successful architect, two perfect children, and a handsome husband, Patrick, but she’s haunted by an accident in her past.  On a business call, one day, she’s surprised to find Asher, her once-love, has moved to town and will be working with her.  In “No Turning Back,” Kaia faces nightmares from her past and big decisions about her future, as the two worlds seem to collide.  Will Kaia give up everything for Asher, or will she find comfort in the arms of Patrick?  

Add it to your Goodreads reading list:

Where can I buy this book? Glad you asked:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


Barnes and Noble: Coming Soon

About the Author:

Lauren Greene was born in California, but raised in Alabama. After moving away and swearing she would never come back, she moved back to Alabama with her  husband and her three children. Lauren currently works in the banking field. She has been writing since she was seven years old, and is an avid reader.  "No Turning Back," is her first published work. Besides writing novels, Lauren also loves to write works of flash fiction.  You can find more of her writing on her blog and on Wattpad. She is currently sharing a wonderful book for free on Wattpad, go and check it out and tell me what you think of her style. 

You can find Lauren online:

Congratulations Lauren, it's an amazing book (I got to read a sneak peek, that's the perks of my job) I'm sure it will fly off the shelf.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Are you a prude?

I had a revelation this week. I'm starting to wonder if I have prudish tendencies. I must say it has come as a shock as I had always considered myself to be very 'OUT' there. Out where? You may ask. Well I have no idea. Where ever prudish people don't dare dwell.

It started when a friend of mine said of all her bridesmaids I should be the one to organize the hens night because I'm the only prude she knows. If I'm okay with something everyone else will be. Now originally this prompted the question.."What the hell, sort of friends do you have if I am the prudiest?" These people must be near on freaks.

My next incident was when I was discussing romance novels. I said I didn't particularly like sex scenes to be included. It's not that I get embarrassed or anything like that. I just find them long and boring. It's the same reason I don't want to read 4 pages of text explaining what Coke and Chocolate taste like. If it's not here in front of me to enjoy It's a yawn fest as far as I'm concerned. This met with questions about the book 50 shades of gray. Did I read it? Did I enjoy it etc etc. To be honest I read the book but after the first couple of chapters I skipped the sex scenes. Honestly I don't know how many more times I could of read about this chicks nipple. Yawnnn..

Now tonight a lovely lady from one of the writers groups I'm involved in put up an article about attending an Anal play workshop (For research) . I'm not going to get into the details, because that would be stealing her blog, but let me just say.. a live volunteer was used. Ummm What? I pointed out that I couldn't even imagine volunteering to stand up in front of people at a book launch let alone bend over at an anal play workshop.

My conclusion: I think I must be a prude. Are you? Do the test below.

1) When reading a romance novel do you like it to have hot, raunchy, sex scenes?

2) Do you read erotica?

3) Do you avoid wearing lace and floral?

4) Do you discuss intimate details of your marriage/relationship with your friends?

5) Have you ever had sex on a first date?

6) While watching a movie do you keep watching if there is a sex scene?

7) Have you ever been told you are the life of the party?

8) Do you watch porn more than once a year?

9) Do you think watching strippers or your significant other watching strippers is okay?

10) Have you ever been kicked out of anywhere or been part of a protest?

If you answered no to

 8-10 of these, I'm sorry but you are not only joining me in Prudesville but you are probably the Mayor.

6-7 You are taking the express train and should arrive in Prudesville shortly.

4-5 It is unlikely we will be seeing you anytime soon. You seem to be a good mixture of sweet and spicy.

2-3 Hot damn! you are one hot customer. You never need to worry about being mistaken for your grandmother.

0-1 There is no chance you could find Prudesville, even with a GPS and a tour guide.

Drop me a line and let me know how you went. Are we prudish buddies? It's getting a little lonely over here.